About us

About Us

We are a Christian clothing brand for the modern believer. We make God inspired apparel that imprint lasting impressions on hearts and minds. We believe authentic Christian truth matters and we work hard to create beautiful reminders through our designs; things that spark conversation and stir up our affections for God.

Wear your truth in God inspired apparel. One shirt.  One hoodie. Once conversation after another, Imprint Republic helps build and fund missions and non-profits that help advance and spread the love of Christ and the Kingdom.
Grab an Imprint and join the conversation as we spread this message world wide.


Spread the gospel of

Christ Jesus.


Share the love of Christ.


Start conversations about salvation, life and more.

Clothes that speak

Birthed with the core purpose to encourage people to wear their truth. Our eye-catching designs on quality garments are sure to capture people’s attention but also spread the life-giving word of God.​

Wear your truth

Fashion is confidence, but your countenance is life-giving and what you wear contributes to it. When you wear Imprint Republic clothing, you are not just wearing a shirt or hoodie but a conversation starter and a message that carries eternal truth.​

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